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Map of Baikal

Baikal from space

Map of Listvyanka

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"Гостиница Байкал Шале" предлагает широкий спектр дополнительных услуг, организацию прогулок, пеших и водных экскурсий, туров по Кругобайкальской железной дороге, подводных погружений с аквалангом, катание на собачьих упряжках и так далее. Всю необходимую информацию можно получить на информационной доске, а также у наших гидов. В шале можно приобрести карты, открытки и профессиональные фотографии с видами Байкала, Сибирской фауны и флоры.

Адрес: поселок Листвянка, ул.Гудина, 75. Первая улица налево за пристанью и школой, 750-800 м. от берега Байкала.

Телефон: 8-950-100-40-10

Hike to Koty
This fully guided adventure tour offers a good combination of sightseeing in famous Listvyanka, beautiful hiking along the shore of Baikal and accommodation in Bolshie Koty. Both settlements, Listvyanka and Bolshie Koty are located at the shore of Lake Baikal, only 20 km away. Nethertheless two settlements differ a lot: Listvyanka is one of the most visited places on the lake, Bolshie Koty is much smaller, clean and peaceful village. There is no highway to Bolshie Koty, so one can reach the place only by feet or by boat. Quitness and the natural beauty of the area will charm you and leave the peace of mind and unity filling deep in your sole. Ideal place to relax and take a break from city life and traffic noise to simply enjoy the beauty and serenity of this region. Poor tourist infrastructure gives you limited possibilites to dine and stay overnight in the village. "Bolshie Koty Chalet" is one of the best options to enjoy the marvelous place with comfort and pleasure. Suite-in twin rooms, siberian cuisine, Russian saune.

Dog sledding
After sightseeing around the Listvyanka settlement tourists will have a chance to view an open-air dog cage to see how the harness is put on the dogs. Instructor will tell you about the huskies' character, teach you to hitch dogs up correctly and to drive them. You are sure to find common language with this most devoted and most ancient man's friend. After the preparation, a dog team of Russian racing huskies, brought from Kamchatka peninsula, lead you along the forest trail. Controlling the wooden sledge at a steep turns, enjoying the speed and the breath-taking beauty of the surroundings, the sheer excitement and adrenalin rush from this experience is wonderful and evokes the feelings of unity with nature. Experienced guide-instructor will help you during the trip.

Circumbaikal Railroad Tour
The famous Circum Baikal Railroad going along the south-western shore of Lake Baikal is one of the most complicated railways in the world. The total length of its 39 tunnels is 7 km. Completed in 1904, the railway is 86 km long. You can take photos of Lake Baikal, tunnels, bridges and railway stations. Tourists take a Ferry from Listvyanka to Port Baikal. Departure from Port Baikal at 11.40 am by a special tourist train to Sludyanka. This journey has many scenic stops along the way, longest one at 1pm. for a lunch and beaching on Polovinka station. The tourist train guide provides datail information and unique vidio about Railway history and outstanding character, Baikal's nature, plants and animals, Siberian climate. From Sludyanka, the train goes to Irkutsk on the Trans-Siberian Railway. A Packed lunch is included. Arrival in Irkutsk is at 21.38. Transfer to hotel/homestay in Irkutsk or to Listvyanka.

Scuba Diving in Baikal is a pure adrenalin and unique experience. Diving in the deepest lake in the world ! Best time is June-July and August. Winter diving is available for experienced open water divers. An expert instructor (PADI, CMAS) picks you up from the Baikal Chalet and transfer to the shore. Daily tour may include one or two dives from the shore in Listvyanka or a day boat trip to the most interesting nearby diving sites. We provide all necessary equipment: mask, flippers, aqualung and diving suite (all European standards, leading scuba diving equipment providers, such as Poseidon, ScubaPro, Aqua Lung). We use wet or dry suites depending on the water temperature and season. Our instructor gives a brief introduction curse and explain the most important features of Baikal, reminds you the instructions and repeats the signals. The beginners practice near the surface and dive to the depth of 5-10 meters to observe viriety of fresh water sponges, Sculpins and Crustacea. Experienced divers can enjoy walls, kanyons, caves and Baikal creatures at the depth of 20-30 m.

    "Baikal Chalet Listvyanka",         mobile: 8-950-100-40-10,     address: Gudina str. 75, Listvyanka, Irkutsk region, Russia
                                                    e-mail: yb_07@mail.ru,     SkyPe : Youry Nemirovskiy